TEDx Edinburgh

How to be OK in the future.

The world is facing a food crisis the scale of which truly begs the question “How to be OK in the future.” Craig’s answer may be unpalatable to many of us – insects.

Craig helped found Bugs For Life and has become a pioneer of entomophagy (bug eating) as a solution to growing pressure on food production. In addition to an elucidating talk from Craig, the Bugs For Life team host an Interactive Space at the event, with unusual canapés on offer.

Tedx Edinburgh

Bugs for Life were invited to talk and serve some gourmet buggy treats at the TEDx event in Edinburgh February 2015. We were very privileged and honoured to be at this event to say the least; many thanks to those who made this happen and alo to those who were there to listen in and try our beautiful food.

Our subject focused on insect farming and the consumption of insects in a rapidly growing population - very interesting indeed. Please view the talk below.

Watch Craig presenting at TEDx Edinburgh 2015 here.

Have a listen to the Fresh air podcast here.

Visit the TEDx Edinburgh 2015 page and find out more about the event here.



Benin 2012

Download the report here:

Exploring Entomophagy in North Benin

Exploring Entomophagy in North Benin was the research project that Bugs for Life was created around. Our aim was to undertake a study in Benin, West Africa on the use of edible insects as a potential source of protein in a food insecure area. The study focused on the local practice of entomophagy in the Wama communities of the Atakora (Northern Benin). In particular, Bugs for Life explored the traditional role of edible insects and the potential for the expansion of this practice in order to improve the nutritional status of the population, and in particular of children.

The undertaking of this research project was made possible by establishing contact with Severin Tchibozo from the NGO Centre for Research on Biodiversity Management, who became our local partner in Benin. Funding was secured through grants by Imperial College Expedition Board, the Royal Entomological Society, along with crowd-funding via Indiegogo.

Watch our documentary or read our full written report to find out more.

Recent Events


Northen Ireland Science Festival, Belfast

Hello from Northern Ireland! Bugs for Life and Society of Biology collaborated together at this fantastic science festival. Our theme was 'Menu of the Future', which focused on showing people how to cook insects and incorporate them into their regular diet. We had an enthusiastic audience who were very intrigued by our food. We received a very positive response and we were fetured in The Belfast Telegraph and Love Belfast.


A taste of Ecology Centres research in Uppsala, Sweden

A selection of fried cockchafers larvae, bark beetle dumplings freshly collected from the forest and meal-worms pates were cooked live in Uppsala at the Ecology Center of SLU University. The center opened its doors to share the exciting research carried by the institute in forest and agriculture ecology and discussed future solutions for a more sustainable planet such as insect farming!


Tasty science fair at Penicuik for the Midlothian Science Festival

Bugs for Life brought a range of insect recipes including mealworm fritters and gourmet canapes, caramel and coconut crickets and marshmallows dipped in chocolate and insect to Penicuik for the Midlothian Science Festival. These were accompanied by plenty of information on edible insects, their properties and curiosities!


Promoting Edible Insects Fundraiser

Thank you to everybody that made it down to London for the launch party of our new project and fundraising campaign: Promoting Edible Insects for Food Security. We had a wonderful evening of bug talks, insect tasting and dancing around! For those who unfortunately missed it, please check out our page explaining the project: Indegogo


SciMart Edinburgh Science festival

Come visit the Bugs for Life Future of Food stall at SciMart as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival on Sunday April 6. As well as having the chance to meet and eat insects from all over the world, you can come hear Craig talk about our research in Benin and future project plans in the Summerhall Red Theatre from 2pm- Don't miss out.


Dunbar Science Club

Bugs for Life set up an Edible Insect farm with the Dunbar Science Club in February. The kids had a wonderful time getting up-close and personal with the bugs and are expecting their first crop soon!


GastroLab 2013

GastroLab 2013 at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Craig from Bugs for Life spoke about the research in Benin and showed everyone how to set up their own bug farm. Our friends from Ento were also presenting at the event.


The future of food ~ Green Man festival

Insect eating has gained popularity as a curious culinary way to address environmental sustainability. These little edible bugs surprise, fascinate and inspire... but one question remains: if insects are good for us to eat - how can we use them to create tasty recipes? The Future of Food stall was created as a space to share knowledge on edible insects, meet a few edible creepy crawlies, to get to know all their curious properties, to learn to start your own insect farm in your living room, and discover or come up with insect recipes ideas!


Exploring Entomophagy at Cardiff Science Festival

Bugs for Life introduced the audience to the wonderful world of edible insects, with many examples of all their curious properties from around the planet, and a reflection on how insects can respond to the problem of food insecurity. In particular Bugs for Life presented their work in Benin, West Africa, where the team has spent some time learning about (and feasting on!) these little yummy snacks as a secret trick against child malnutrition.